Edmonton Paranormal Society is a volunteer based organization  and a proud member of the T.A.P.S. Family. Its purpose is to promote independent research, a safe place to share experiences and ideas, as well as offer support for those who live in fear of the unknown. It does so by providing on-site investigations, hosting public events, and sharing collected knowledge with its members.


Founded in 2008, Edmonton Paranormal began as a meeting of people interested in all things unexplained.   We are a dedicated team base of volunteers who come together from a variety of backgrounds to collaborate and explore the paranormal.

As a team, we are fascinated by the environment around us. We seek answers for ourselves, and for those who are living in fear of their own unexplained experiences.   The Edmonton Paranormal Society prides itself on its professional integrity and honesty.  Through investigations, our public  E.P.I.C. Meetings and events,  We provide to our clients safe, non judgemental services.  

**The Edmonton Paranormal Society is no longer a non-profit organization.

  Please visit the F.A.Q. section of our website for more information regarding meetings, events, media requests and investigations.

The Edmonton Paranormal Society is a proud T.A.P.S Family Member.  T.A.P.S family members pride themselves on their integrity and honesty.  

There is no charge for any of our services and we strongly caution against using Paranormal Investigators that do require a fee.  

To learn more about T.A.P.S. and T.A.P.S Family members, click the link above.